Monday, September 19, 2016

Schmaltz brothers have rare chance to square off in journey to NHL

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TRAVERSE CITY, Mich. - It was a surreal moment for Nick Schmaltz.

For the first time in his career, the 2014 first-round shot a jersey Chicago Blackhawks Jersey and stood at center ice for the national anthem at Centre Ice Arena here in Northern Michigan. It was his unofficial professional debut, and he was given an "A" as alternate captain for the prospects of Chicago.

He also looked at the blue line in front and saw a familiar face, his older brother Jordan Schmaltz, wearing a "C" as the captain of the St. Louis Blues prospects.

"We both dreamed of playing professional hockey," said Nick Schmaltz. "Now we're both there. It's pretty cool to see that the hard work is paying off. "

June 27, 2014: Nick Schmaltz signs with the Chicago Blackhawks in the NHL Entry Draft at Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Photographer: Gavin Baker / Icon Sportswire
June 27, 2014: Nick Schmaltz was drafted by the Chicago Blackhawks in the NHL Entry Draft, 2014. Photographer: Gavin Baker / Icon Sportswire

It was the first professional game Nick and the first time the brothers never competed in an organized setting. Growing up in Jordan was always a slice of older age, while the brothers are playing together for a year at the University of North Dakota during the 2014-15 season.

brother against brother recalled the fighting that took place back in the basement of the house Schmaltz Wisconsin. Joined by their younger sister, Kylie, the brothers head to the basement for a set of messages that was not always friendly.

"It was a competition," Jordan said. "He will always be my sister and against Nick, because it will be the oldest and the youngest by interim report. There will always be two against one, we'd come upstairs somebody [would] crying. "

not two-on-one does not seem fair, certainly older brother had to pull a little when he had a great team, right?

"I think we run the press full jurisdiction over him, to be honest," Jordan said. "Maybe the chip and muck to go."

Jordan, a defenseman who was drafted in the first round by St. Louis in 2012, took over Friday as the Blues beat the Blackhawks 3-2 outlook. Jordan had a goal and an assist, while Nick has helped make it a close game when he won a confrontation that set the goal of Tyler Motte with 65 seconds remaining.

One might think that this would have been the perfect time for parents to make the trip across Lake Michigan, Wisconsin for the game, right?

"They are actually in Kentucky right now," said Nick. "My sister plays volleyball in college at the University of Kentucky and it is his birthday weekend. Hopefully one day on the road, we will get a regular season game against the other, I think they were made for that. "

This is not too far fecthed a possibility this season.

Jordan is coming off a strong season with the AHL Chicago Wolves. He had 36 points in 71 games and he really went into a larger role with the AHL club in the second half of the season.

Nick came out of college after his sophomore season where he won an NCAA title with North Dakota. The right-handed shooting can play both center and wing, and his entry contract it an option very attractive to NHL Custom Blackhawks Jersey Cape crunched done.

Both players have been told they have a shot in the training camp. The brothers kept this in mind in Traverse City.

"I think it gives us a head start on the rest (of the players in the camp)," said Nick. "It is a very fast game that you get thrown in here right now. I think we see both the chance to build something with our teams."

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