Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Chicago Blackhawks: World Cup Of Hockey Necessary Risk

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If selected Chicago Blackhawks are able to play in the World Cup of Hockey, they need to be there

The only source of discussion among fans of our beloved Chicago Blackhawks during the off season other relatively quiet mode has been certain players' hawks skating by their respective countries in the World Cup hockey tournament.

Many hawks Nation argue, given their playoff runs over the past three years and fatigue that seems to clearly be affecting your game (ie, Brent Seabrook Jersey and Marian Hossa) last season, the Blackhawks recent elimination the first round of the playoffs at the hands of the St. Louis blues would at least give them the opportunity to get some much needed (and deserved) break before starting another mission of the Stanley Cup.

So worrisome is the amount of time the Blackhawks have to recharge your batteries in the offseason, the fact that at least 10 players Hawks are participating in the World Cup, which, at least in North America the standards is a pretty useless tournament, it has given cause for many Chicagoans these players accused of not having their priorities straight loyalties.

Both sides of the argument

This feeling among Blackhawks fans is certainly understandable. For us, the window for this generation 'players Hawks bring the Stanley Cup back to Chi-Town is only getting smaller, and participate in any activity that could hinder your ability to do so, even if hockey outside season is only a completely unnecessary risk.

Marcus Kruger injuries and Hossa Jersey have suffered during the World Cup, the severity of which is not yet fully understood from this post, are prefect examples of such concerns come to fruition.

Chicago Blackhawks
What Blackhawks fans have to understand, however, is that to ask any of the Blackhawks who have the opportunity to represent their respective countries at the World Cup, a hockey tournament on a world stage, to reject that opportunity would as asking not breathe.

Let me put this in context. From a time commitment of view, playing hockey is hard, period. Unlike football, basketball or baseball, where all you need is a vacuum court or field to practice and hone your skills as a professional athlete aspirant ice hockey with the need (and to answer the question before asking no, hockey ISN 't so good, #practicelikeyouplay), plain and simple.

And, spoiler alert, there are only so many ice rinks in a given area.
Therefore, as a hockey player hoping to try to get to the big leagues, you have to be able to hit the ice as much as possible, and more often than not, to accomplish this is waking up before the sun has left, drive an hour or more to the ice rink two that was able to squeeze you in 30 minutes of ice time cities, then drive back an hour to get ready for school, only to repeat the whole process over once after class is out, except this time, it's late at night.

In other words, to go through such a routine day after day, you better really love hockey. Therefore, for those players who reach the NHL, which were driven by their passion of life for hockey that made them sacrifice so much just to get a couple of extra hours of ice time.

Chicago Blackhawks
This passion of life does not flash out once these players have achieved their dreams. That is why, despite playing more games in recent years than any NHL team, 10 players Blackhawks have chosen to take the opportunity to hit the ice during the offseason at the World Cup. The risk of injury is not heinous enough to ask them to stop doing something they like.

I'm sure this is not allay the concerns of hawks Nation have about our players get injured unnecessarily Blackhawks during a tournament relatively meaningless and endangering their performance for the next regular season.

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Well, if it's any consolation, if you have read and / or subscribe to the theories presented in the book "Outliers" by Malcom Gladwell, no one is naturally born with talent, but rather a high skills obtained proportionally based on the number of hours they invest in the practice of his profession, then we as "Hawks fans should welcome this opportunity for a lot of our guys in red, white and black are having the opportunity to hone their skills before embarking on the 2016-2017 campaign for Lord Stanley Cup.


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