Thursday, October 13, 2016

Blackhawks' youth at forward creates optimism, uncertainty entering season

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Blackhawks general manager Stan Bowman has a good poker face, so it is difficult to know when it is excited, angry or nervous.

But in July at the annual convention of the computer fan, Bowman stood in front of the media and several people in the Falcons organization - office, staff and players - and brimming with confidence.

This was just weeks after trading Andrew Bowman Shaw and Teuvo Teräväinen. Shaw, a restricted free agent, because he was a new contract for the Hawks could not fit under the cap was due. Teräväinen was because the Hawks could not accommodate Bryan Bickell contract under the cap.

"The most exciting thing for us is to give some opportunities - real opportunities - for those young players to be able to find a place in the team," Bowman said. "Many of these guys have been in our system for several years, and has been difficult. There have been few openings. So our mentality is to go with the group we have under contract right now. It's a team photo of confidence."

Bowman could be safer than fanbase Hawks went to the first game Wednesday against the blue, but it is time the Hawks to show how good these young players are.

Saturday, October 8, 2016

Two Marklund brothers get special invite to Blackhawks game

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Brothers Brad and Phil, two customers in Marklund in Geneva, had the best time of their lives in the Oct. 4 Chicago Blackhawks game. Blackhawks womens jersey fans are serious, watching every game on TV and keep up with the sports news in the media.

The brothers were born with the same genetic degenerative disorder that has left them both in a wheelchair, almost entirely nonverbal and feeding tubes. Before disorders took over, the two spent his youth as most others - run, play sports and go to school.

Two staff members Marklund - Tori Jenkins registered nurse and certified nursing assistant Stephanie Dellegrazie - went to the game on October 4 with them to meet their health care needs.

As it happened, one of the maintenance technicians Marklund, Paul Rogers, was also in the game, so he stopped in its seating area several times to see how they were.

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Blackhawks’ Niklas Hjalmarsson Suspended 1 Regular-Season Game

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Blackhawks defenseman Niklas Hjalmarsson will be suspended for the remainder of the preseason and regular season game after a penalty charge to Saturday competition with the Blues.

Unless an appeal Hjalmarsson will miss the season opener Oct. 12 against the Blues. He will miss the final two contests of the preseason as well.

The shot occurred with 1:05 remaining in regulation during Saturday's game in which Hjalmarsson approached Blues Ty Rattie with speed, the league noted, then appeared to get into the head of Rattie. He was assessed a match penalty.

"Both players are weak and in an athletic position," the NHL said in a video explanation. "But rather than stay there and deliver blow to the shoulder or chest Rattie, Hjalmarsson launches, making substantial contact with its head."

This is the second Hjalmarsson career suspension. He was also suspended in October 2010. Hjalmarsson will forfeit $ 22,777.78 as a penalty.

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Stan Bowman remains confident Blackhawks will re-sign Artemi Panarin

la confiance du directeur général des Blackhawks de Chicago Stan Bowman n'a pas faibli quand il vient à re-signer Artemi Panarin.

Tout simplement parce que Bowman était incapable de travailler en traite Andrew Shaw et Brandon Saad et échangé Finalement em à la fin, il reste soudé fermement convaincu qu'il peut travailler à un accord avec Panarin, qui est appelé à devenir un partenaire de l'agent libre restrictif après 2016 -17 saison.

«Nous sommes toujours confiants," Bowman a déclaré mardi. "Vous allez dans une négociation attendant d'obtenir un accord fait. C'est la façon dont je l'ai été dans le passé et c'est la façon dont je suis maintenant."

Le temps est compté pour obtenir un accord fait avant la saison, Bowman a conclu des contrats d'objectifs négociés au cours de la saison, aussi.

"Nous l'avons fait beaucoup de façons différentes», a déclaré Bowman. "Nous avons signé les gars en saison, avant la saison, à la fin de ...

Monday, September 26, 2016

Fortin, Blackhawks come to terms

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As the NHL moves away from large bruises organizations that serve to occupy many seats on game-day schools, we learned an indisputable fact: Speed ​​kills.

The fans need look no further than Pittsburgh, champions of the Stanley Cup last year for proof.

"If you look at the Penguins through the playoffs last year ... each line was flying all the time," said Blackhawks winger Vincent Hinostroza Saturday. "They really wear teams getting pucks behind. ... Speed ​​is a huge factor in the game today. "

The Hawks have seen a lot of this and more than 19 years, free agent Alexandre Fortin, general manager Stan Bowman therefore rewarded the native of Quebec, an entry-level three-year contract Sunday.

The 6-foot, 172 pounds winger shone every step of the way since the Hawks invited to prospects camp in July. Besides the obvious speed, Fortin also has quick hands and an uncanny knack of setting up teammates perfect scoring chances.

"He has been very consistent in every scrum," said assistant coach Mike Kitchen. "It was a threat to score on the ice. I think he did a great job.

"It must be very, very pleased with the whole situation."

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Chicago Blackhawks Morning Links- Getting Closer

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Good morning, Chicago Blackhawks fans! You know that hockey season is approaching day by day, the player pictures painting logos on the ice is connected to the Internet and social media

Chicago Blackhawks players like Trevor van Riemsdyk painted with the logo of the Chicago Blackhawks on Thursday, which is one of the best signs that Chicago Blackhawks season is just beginning. Good times for sure.

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Chicago Blackhawks: World Cup Of Hockey Necessary Risk

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If selected Chicago Blackhawks are able to play in the World Cup of Hockey, they need to be there

The only source of discussion among fans of our beloved Chicago Blackhawks during the off season other relatively quiet mode has been certain players' hawks skating by their respective countries in the World Cup hockey tournament.

Many hawks Nation argue, given their playoff runs over the past three years and fatigue that seems to clearly be affecting your game (ie, Brent Seabrook Jersey and Marian Hossa) last season, the Blackhawks recent elimination the first round of the playoffs at the hands of the St. Louis blues would at least give them the opportunity to get some much needed (and deserved) break before starting another mission of the Stanley Cup.

So worrisome is the amount of time the Blackhawks have to recharge your batteries in the offseason, the fact that at least 10 players Hawks are participating in the World Cup, which, at least in North America the standards is a pretty useless tournament, it has given cause for many Chicagoans these players accused of not having their priorities straight loyalties.