Saturday, October 8, 2016

Two Marklund brothers get special invite to Blackhawks game

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Brothers Brad and Phil, two customers in Marklund in Geneva, had the best time of their lives in the Oct. 4 Chicago Blackhawks game. Blackhawks womens jersey fans are serious, watching every game on TV and keep up with the sports news in the media.

The brothers were born with the same genetic degenerative disorder that has left them both in a wheelchair, almost entirely nonverbal and feeding tubes. Before disorders took over, the two spent his youth as most others - run, play sports and go to school.

Two staff members Marklund - Tori Jenkins registered nurse and certified nursing assistant Stephanie Dellegrazie - went to the game on October 4 with them to meet their health care needs.

As it happened, one of the maintenance technicians Marklund, Paul Rogers, was also in the game, so he stopped in its seating area several times to see how they were.

The two brothers, both full-time residents Marklund in Geneva, were transported in a special bus for handicapped people Marklund the game Blackhawks at the United Center.

The Blackhawks provide both customers and two staff members with tickets after receiving a heartfelt letter written by Dellegrazie. The tickets were on the first floor, near one end of the track, giving the big boys a view of preseason action. Special access at the United Center was convenient for them and very quickly too. Marklund is very grateful for the Chicago Blackhawks to make tonight possible and very accessible to customers and staff. Kane Jersey.

The brothers endured the long journey at the United Center, they sat in their chairs in the special area designated throughout the match, and arrived home at 11:30 p.m. much later than their normal routine.

Sports fans have long grown in the area Geneva / Batavia ago, had so much fun, first to be received by the Blackhawks cheerleaders crew ice, then go shopping for souvenirs and watching the Hawks beat the Detroit Red Wings 6-1!

They also enjoyed the festive atmosphere with "Chelsea Dagger" playing song after goals and the crowd shouting on the opposing team! Paul Rogers said the best part was seeing their smiles.

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